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Post  Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:23 pm

Here are the rules. Follow and obey them:

For the whole site:
- If you call each other mean things then you will be banned for 3 days and if a character says anything then its fine

- Be nice to the other people.

- On this website, sexual content is allowed, but nothing extremelly graphic.

- One player (not character) may only have up to 2 ranches or herds at once, even if they have 10 characters.

- you ask me to make you a ranch.

Human character's rules
- Girls have to be at least 16 to have a baby

- Guys have to be at least 16 to have a baby


- The pics for your characters have to be appropriate. no naked peoples, or anything like that. They have to at least have have clothes covering there main parts

- No raping unless you ask the player of the character.

- Can't drive until you're 16

- Kids have to find a home in the orphanage. They can't stay in there for over 2 weeks.

Horse character's rules
- NO GRAPHIC BREEDING, but you can be a little descriptive.

- Mares and Stallions have to be 3 to be able to breed.

- Any gender of horses may have a herd

- Stallions can not force breed

RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE!! Keep this site clean, please.

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